Our members achieve more together. We are facilitators, coaches, trainers and above all, leaders at our core, together we can make a difference. Apply for membership and be part of the change revolution in professional training.


IAATW membership helps you to demonstrate and add to your credibility and professionalism, so potential clients can evaluate your services and be reassured that they are hiring a professional and ethical training provider.

Membership Credentials

All IAATW Members have access to the credential collatoral.

Your client will want reassurance that they are chosing the best possible provider as their training partner.

Using and displaying your IAATW Membership Badge visually demonstrates your commitment to credibility and professionalism by showing that you belong to a worldwide professional body, which is an impartial and independent accreditation and certification association. This enables you to give potential clients peace of mind when choosing you as their training Professional.

You can put your Membership badge in a number of different places so you display that you are a recognised training professional, who subscribes to international codes of conduct and ethics.

Code of Ethics

As a training professional, it is essential to be able to confidently demonstrate, to existing and potential clients, your credibility, professionalism and commitment to delivering quality.

Your adherence to an Independent and external Code of Ethics demonstrates commitment to ethical and quality provision of training services.

By holding yourself as accountable and responsible, you can gain public trust and increase client confidence in your services.

The IAATW Trainers Code of Ethics, can be placed on your own website or within your promotional materials to demonstrate your professionalism and credibility to your potential clients.


As a Professional Member of the IAATW, you will also be entitled to use the designation IAATW after your name for the duration of your membership if required. 

As an Associate member, you may upgrade your membership in line with the criteria stated below.

£ 45.00 Per Year

Associate membership is for entry level trainers or those working in a post directly concerned with the training or learning and development industries.

They will typically be recent graduates, or hold another qualification plus some training or learning and development experience in the industry.

It is open to:

  • New Trainers
  • Company Training Officers
  • Part-time Freelance Trainers
  • HR Officers
  • L&D Officers
£ 195.00 Per Year

Professional Member status can be achieved by a trainer who has at least two years training experience and is responsible for the strategic learning and development of participants or staff.

For Professional Member Status you must achieve two of the below criteria:

  • 2 years experience as a trainer
  • Be a full-time freelance trainer
  • Earn most of your income from training
  • Be a Corporate Learning & Development Manager
  • Be a Director of Learning & Development

Professional members can accredit two training courses. These accreditations are included in each annual membership

£ 395.00 Course fee

Accredited Trainer and Master Trainer status is achieved after completing and successfully passing an Accredited Trainer Programme offered by our accredited partners.

Criteria for Accredited Trainer Level:

  • 6 Week Accredited Trainer Programme
  • Successful completion of the accredited examination
Accredited Trainers may display the Master Trainer badge on all collatoral and may refer to themselves as IAATW Accredited Master Trainer.
Accredited Trainers can accredit two training courses. These accreditations are included in each annual membership