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of trainers Worldwide

Welcome to the IAATW

International Accreditation Authority of Trainers Worldwide
Freelance Trainers

A platform of credibility which comes from membership of an international body.

L&D Departments

Elevating in-house training content and delivery to accredited status.

Training Companies

Benchmark your training courses against international standards.

Accreditation for your training

Providing accredited training has important benefits. IAATW is the only Professional Association for Trainers and HRD Professionals which accredits trainers worldwide. IAATW Accreditation is cost effective and credible.


  • Recognition as a provider of accredited training
  • Confidence in your professionalism and expertise
  • Credible in your content and delivery
  • Increased reputation as an accredited professonal
  • Use of IAATW accredition logos on all collatoral

Giving You Credibility & Recognition

Pretty much everybody wants to be a trainer and pretty much anybody can be a trainer. This is why accreditation of your course content and materials are vital in setting you apart as a learning and development professional in the global training industry.

It does not matter if you are starting your training business, have been established for 10 years or are an experienced L&D faciliator, participants and clients always value credible, structured content over anything else.

Whether you are a training consultant, freelance trainer, training manager or training director, accredited material will always make you stand head and shoulders above non-accredited material.

International accreditation for my training allows me to offer something that other trainers don't have and this gives me an advantage when pitching for new contracts.
John Morris
Master Trainer, Baltimore

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