Accredit your
Training Courses

Giving You Credibility & Recognition

Pretty much everybody wants to be a trainer and pretty much anybody can be a trainer. This is why accreditation of your course content and materials are vital in setting you apart as a learning and development professional in the global training industry.

It does not matter if you are starting your training business, have been established for 10 years or are an experienced L&D faciliator, participants and clients always value credible, structured content over anything else.

Whether you are a training consultant, freelance trainer, training manager or training director, accredited material will always make you stand head and shoulders above non-accredited material.

Accrediting your training

There is an increasing expectation for companies to provide professional training to their employees, regardless of their industry sector or market segment. The IAATW Accreditation Service helps training professionals formalise training material into a structured and recognised approach to reassure clients that training content meets international best practice standards. This means that your formally accredited IAATW materials are more likely to become accepted and welcomed by both clients and participants.

Training professionals who would like to embrace further credibility and recognition can display their commitment through accreditation with the International Accreditation Authority of Trainers Worldwide. Professionals are encouraged to submit potentially qualifying training materials for formal and impartial IAATW accreditation by our team of experienced assessors.

What you can accredit

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Training courses
  • Online learning
  • One-to-one coaching

Why accredit your material and content?

The IAATW Accreditation Service works with training professionals ranging from small training consultancies to large training providers, multi-national corporations, freelance trainers and conference & seminar organisers. Training organisations and professionals become IAATW members in order to:

  • Provide structured accredited training to learners
  • Distinguish themselves from competitors
  • Increase client bookings
  • Increase professional credibility
  • Present knowledge as industry experts

The accreditation process

The first phase of the course accreditation process is to have an informal consultation to ensure training courses are suitable. Our consultants will discuss the structure of the training, how it is delivered, find out more about the expected attendees, and finally the key objectives. At this phase, our team will recommend the most suitable steps to become accredited.

The accreditation process has been developed over many year and is focused on providing the highest standards of structured learning for attendees.

Accreditation approvals

Once approved as an accredited provider, the next step is to submit training materials directly to the assessment team to start the accreditation process. The course materials required include presentations, handouts and any additional course notes.

The assessment team will evaluate the materials, review the structure and provide advice to help develop the courses where required. This process is to ensure the courses are educational, structured coherently and have clear objectives and outcomes.

Each course is benchmarked against an assessment criteria to ensure the required standards are met across a number of key areas. Should training material not meet the accreditation standards, the assessment team will provide detailed feedback to help improve the materials. The process takes 14 working days, depending on the size and duration of the course.

Sample Accreditation Badge

Accreditation Fees

One Course

£ 65 Annually

Two Courses

£ 95 Annually

Five Courses

£ 195 Annually

Accredit a Course